How Can Lovable Leggings Have Such Great Prices?

Ah, I'm glad you asked!

This is a simple one, really.

I source leggings directly from the manufacturer. I buy wholesale, just like stores do. But unlike brick and mortar stores, I don't have employees to pay, space to pay rent on, utilities, or any of those kinds of expenses.

I'm also not part of any direct sales company or MLM, so I'm not paying more for my product so that levels of other people can get paid.

The thing about wholesale is that you can't just buy a little. :-) You have to buy a LOT. So my guest room has turned into legging central! (I might have a problem. I love picking out leggings. And getting those shipments in means it's happy dance time over here.)

Buying wholesale means that I can give you excellent prices, and still provide an income for my family! Win-win!

Every pair you buy is hand-packed and sent by me, with lots of love!


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