About Us

Well hello there!

Guess what? I always click on about pages too. :-)

My name is Kim and I’m the homeschooling, pacific northwest-living mom behind Lovable Leggings.

It’s kind of a simple story. I watched for, well, a year or more as all my friends started wearing cute, patterned leggings. I resisted.

For a while, I was in the “leggings aren’t pants!” camp, probably because I grew up in the 70s when leggings were shiny spandex and worn by exercise gurus.

But after a while, I got a little bit brave and bought some plain black leggings. They sat in my closet for 6 months before I got the courage to put them on.

This is a struggle I know many plus-size ladies face. Rock your leggings, girls.

And the world didn’t end. But the leggings didn’t fit well - they were from a big box store. So I tried That Big Company, you know the one, with the soft leggings. They felt lovely, but didn’t fit my body well - I was constantly pulling them up. And they made me really, really hot every time I put them on.

So I started shopping around online. Smaller legging shops were popping up. They had cute patterns too, but elastic waistbands. And the same material, but in a slightly lighter weight.

Leggings that fit! I was hooked.

I’ve always been an entrepreneur at heart, so with the help of a friend who is an importer and runs a successful business, I started buying wholesale leggings in bulk and selling to friends in my Facebook  group, and at local events.

This little biz has grown faster than I ever expected. My friends, and their friends, love these leggings to. They are the same buttery soft fabric, but just a bit lighter weight. Don’t worry, no see-throughs! Just pure coziness and awesome prices, for ladies of all kinds of body shapes and sizes.

That’s the story. So have a look around and try some out. And be sure to let me know what you think.


PS - You can join my Facebook group here: Lovable Leggings VIP Group. I give first dibs on new patterns to my VIPs, and I do fun giveaways. Come join us!